Version 0.0.2

Ahoylog boat booking management software release Alpha 0.0.2. We improved functionality of reservations, added more fields and better analytic metrics.

May 3, 2022

Version 0.0.2 of Ahoylog boat booking management application.

In current release 0.0.2 of boat booking management software Ahoylog, we focused on improving user experience of Reservations.

Add new reservation

New reservation

New design follows the style guide of adding new boat listing. New reservation layout is divided into 3 parts - Reservation details, Price details and Customer details. It helps to specify all important aspects of boat bookings and get more detailed insights into reservations. Only boat listing and reservation dates remain required for reservation.

Reservation statuses

Reservation statuses

We introduce new set of statuses for boat reservation:

Type of reservation:

  • C - (completed) The transaction was paid and customer finished boat rental. No other actions are required.
  • D - (deleted) The reservation is suspended, but still visible in historical data. Some search requests ignore reservation with status Deleted.
  • O - (option) Time based reservation. After deadline is passed, the reservation no longer exists.
  • P - (paid) The transaction was paid and customer is waiting for boat rental.
  • PP - (paid partially) The prepayment was made and customer still needs to complete payment before boat rental.
  • R - (reserved) The default reservation object for any non-availability.

New statuses should help to manage lifecycle of boat rental reservations.

Colored status labels

Colored status labels

Each reservation status is represented with different color

  • C - (completed) green
  • D - (deleted) red
  • O - (option) yellow
  • P - (paid) blue
  • PP - (paid partially) teal
  • R - (reserved) purple

Color diversity should help to easily identify current state of the reservation.

Remove permanently

Remove permanently

As of now is possible to delete reservation permanently from the system. Such reservation is no longer available and recovery is not possible.

Analytic metrics

Analytic metrics

New metrics Sales and Revenue are based on the attributes from Reservation.

  • Sales - represents attribute Total price from the reservation
  • Revenue - represents attribute Paid from the reservation

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