Fleet management

Manage your listings

Organize your boat fleet with simple control over your mobile device

  • Parameter details
  • Rentals configuration
  • Full inventory
Manage your listings
Booking management

Calendar companion

Easy to use view of your available or booked boats, for incomming season.

  • Easy schedule
  • Upfront planning
  • Season overview
Calendar companion

Track reservations

Get useful insights into your reservations, don’t let your money sail away!

  • Pricing details
  • Customer notes
  • History of reservations
Connect with customers

Connect with customers

Send nicely styled email offers to your clients and customers with a few clicks.

  • Unique email offers
  • Peronalized marketing
  • Customers overview
Track reservations

Latest Updates

Version 0.0.2 Latest

May 3, 2022

Ahoylog boat booking management software release Alpha 0.0.2. We improved functionality of reservations, added more fields and better analytic metrics.

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